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Certificate of Authenticity included with pouch and label display.

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Today, many treasure hunters wear an Atocha coin pendant, reproductions from the original gold and silver coins.At the time of her sinking off the coast of Ecuador on October 26, 1654, she carried a treasure estimated to have a face value of as much as ten million pesos.As most of the crew and passengers survived this wreck, there.Of course the weight of the coin had to be correct as the value stamped on the coin was a weight of precious metal.Never before has such a diverse set of coins come from one shipwreck.

Four times the size of the Atocha, she was built for Philip IV of Spain.For those individuals that are collectors of rare, ancient, or shipwreck coins, there are few options more popular than Atocha coins.Own a genuine Spanish Pieces of Eight coin from the Atocha or 1715 Fleet Florida Shipwrecks, set in heavy custom gold pendants.They will be able to tell you so much more by evaluation the condition of the coins.

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On September 6, 1622, the Atocha was sunk by a hurricane while sailing near the Florida Keys.


Another treasure find from the Atocha appearing in the auction is a gold and red-coral rosary.Authentic famous Atocha shipwreck coin recovered by Mel Fisher.

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I picked this up in Grand Cayman a few years ago. 263563644646.

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Below are 22 of those 237 research collection coins, 22 of the best coins from Atocha.

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I looked up some similar pieces online and found the same thing, whereas non-jewelry coins and other artifacts are represented accurately on the accompanying COA.

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La Capitana weighed 1,150 tons with a length of 122 feet and beam of 40 feet, and carried 60 cannons.

The ship was named after a holy shrine in Spain and was a very heavily armed galleon but for good reason.

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For instance the jewelry industry uses many of the common undated pieces for framed creations that appear extensively in tourist areas of Florida and the Caribbean.

In the Atocha treasure, there were also instruments for navigation accompanied with ceramic vessels belonging to the 17th century.

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Pillars and Waves Type: The third type of Spanish colonial silver coin design in the New World.

The Cargo of Coins Aboard the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, or

THE RESEARCH COINS OF ATOCHA: The research coins of the Atocha were 237 of the very best coins that were found on the wreck.

The Atocha has the distinction of being the richest Spanish treasure galleon recovered to date.

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It is one inch in diameter. Thank you. - Answered by a verified Antique Expert.Set Description This is a collection of coins recovered from the shipwreck site of sunkin treasure bearing ships.

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